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N.R.A. is like a Terrorist Organisation

One wonders why the National Rifle Association has received such a prominent place in the American political landscape? Like the Klan in the 1920s, the N.R.A. is not a unique but a more focused representation of widespread values. The K.K.K. … Continue reading

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Inside Higher Ed Interviews Kirstein on DePaul and Academic Freedom Cases

Inside Higher Ed’s Colleen Flaherty contacted me by phone and numerous email seeking input for her article on DePaul University and recent tenure decisions concerning women. She wrote a piece on gender/race/ideological discrimination at ground zero in the academic freedom wars: Illinois. … Continue reading

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Senator Joe Lieberman was disgrace to Senate

Senator Joseph Lieberman, (I) from Connecticut is leaving the Senate and a legacy of racism, militarism and monstrous evil. This man derailed the possibility of extending Medicare to those fifty-five or older and establishing a nation-wide “public option” of Obamacare. This person sidetracked … Continue reading

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